April 3, 2017 Election Results


The above pimage was copied from The Village Free Press


Citizens of Maywood, Illinois I salute you.  You voted for the future.  You voted to keep the Black suburb of Maywood, Illinois alive.  All around us, other neighborhoods and villages are prospering but we were falling farther and farther behind economically and socially.  You voted to stop the downhill slide.

You voted OUT Henderson Yarbrough, Readith Ester, and Audrey C. Jaycox.   Maybe now, Maywood will have a chance to grow instead of diminish.

And to Mr. Yarbrough, I say, why didn’t you  have those screaming mind-reading women going up and down the streets of Maywood screaming your name, if they’re so good for our community.  I know they inspired me.  I’m writing now more than I’ve ever done.

Click here to read the entire election results posted by The Village Free Press

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