An Arranged Marriage

The Last 100 Days of Diana by Martin Bashir will air tonight on ABC.  For the younger crowd, I think it’s definitely worth watching. .

Do you remember where you were on the night of August 31, 1997?

I do.

I was lying on my back on the floor of my one bedroom apartment at 846 S. 21st Avenue, watching TV. My back was hurting from long hours of sitting at work and lying on the floor was my only relief.

I also remember that it was a hot night and the air conditioner wasn’t working. And when I’m hot, I can’t sleep. So I was up. At about twelve in the morning, the movie that I was sort of watching was interrupted by a Special News Bulletin on Chanel 7 in Chicago.
I was riveted to the screen as News came in of her death as I had been by her marriage to Prince Charles. Even though I was a thirtysomething Black woman, I, too, dreamed of marrying the handsome young prince with the shy smile.

Had I known the true circumstances behind their marriage, I probably would not have been so enthralled.

Theirs was an arranged marriage. And Diana had not been Prince Charles’ first choice. No. Prince Charles had actually asked her older sister, Lady Elizabeth Sarah Lavinia, but she had the good sense to turn him down.

Adding to that insult, Charles was having a rather torrid affair with Camila during his and Diana’s courtship, engagement, and marriage.

I can only assume that being young, beautiful, and naive, Diana thought she would eventually win Charles over, especially after they started having sex. As so many women do.

But I have learned over the years, from watching countless soap operas and real life couples, that either a man loves you and is willing to move Heaven and Earth to be with you, or he doesn’t. There is no winning him over with dazzling makeup, hair, clothes, or a charming personality. He’s either attracted to you or he isn’t. And if he’s looking other places and you are conducting all-out warfare to get him, let him go. He’s not worth the eventual price you’ll pay.

What a different world this would be if Diana, had let go, and lived.

P.S. As an older woman, I might have tried this, too. But I would have gone into it totally for the money, the palace, the clothes and the jewelry, and most of all, for a chance to be Queen. But not to gain Charles’ love.

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