Resolving A Case of Writer’s Block


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Whenever, I have something I feel strongly that I should write and share with my readers but feel that it’ll be received negatively and end up not sharing it, I always end up with writers block, which is why I haven’t written a column in about three weeks.
So, here goes.


What most middle class Americans were trying to get across by voting for Trump is this: They want immigration control and have wanted it since the late 1980s.  Remember the Texas farmers trying to fight off the Mexicans crossing the border through their crops?

With the closure of the steel mills, general manufacturing companies moving overseas, and the damning assault of technology, most middle class families fear that there won’t be enough jobs in America for Americans.

And Americans want American jobs for Americans. No ifs, and, buts, or maybes.
If we keep accepting mammoth amounts of foreigners sooner or later there won’t be enough jobs (income/money) for either Americans or foreigners. What will happen then? Will Americans have to leave America to find work? And will the foreigners follow us to that new country once we’ve built that country up?

What we need instead of a Muslim ban is to go back to the quota system. We need to say to other countries, “This is the amount of immigrants – whether Arab, Italian, Polish, African, Mexican, etc. – that we will accept each year. And no more. If you are caught sneaking into the country, illegally, you will be deported. Make it clear and stand by it.
And absolutely no more anchor babies!!!


We don’t need to raise taxes or throw a million plus people off Medicare. All we need to do is take away the self-prescribing aspect of Medicare.

Every evening, I see tons of commercials advertising knee braces, elbow braces, copper socks, wheelchairs, canes, etc. to seniors who have a Medicare Card.

All a senior has to do is dial the number on the screen, give them their Medicare number and the item is speedily shipped to them. I literally stand there watching the television screen wondering what idiot would give that many people the power to self-prescribe.

If a doctor hasn’t prescribed it, Medicare shouldn’t be paying for it. That would save trillions.


Stop, drop, and roll. Stop tweeting. Stop lying so much. And stop trying to propose new laws until you know and understand the laws that already exist.

In the British Royal family, they have those whose sole function is to advise the newly Royals how to conduct themselves. Mr. Trump needs someone, he can trust, who can advise him in a similar way.

Please, President Trump, don’t do anything else until you’ve taken your, ‘How To Be A President’ training.

Social Security:

President Trump it won’t be the Russians. It won’t be Obamacare. It won’t be the Tweets. It won’t be the lying. It won’t be the spending. It won’t be the ban on Muslims.

It will be Social Security. Trust me.

I don’t want to have to work into my seventies. I know you do, but that’s not how most other Americans feel.

For Illinois Democrats:

Rauner was a gift from God, you morons. You could have blamed all the cuts and special interest closures on him.  He was perfect for taking the wrap.

But instead, you dragged you’ve dragged your heels for three years and we’re still going to have to do the cuts and closures. But now, they’ll fall on you. You really should have used Rauner for that. And pointed the finger at republican, thereby, guaranteeing the Democrats a land slide victory in 2018. Now you’re going to have to fight for a victory.

And you need to start doing that soon or you’re going to go from one rich white boy to another rich white boy.

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