What I’m Thankful For



Last year this time, I wrote the first of three Crime Victim Impact Statements detailing how I felt about being stalked, sexually harassed, and publicly humiliated.  Click the link below.


This year, I’m thankful for all those women – every single one of you – who were brave enough to stand up and say ME TOO.

For a very long time, I felt that I was absolutely alone.  That I was so disgusting of a human being that no one cared that this was happening to me and that no one cared enough about me to help.  And that I was the only woman who has ever had this happen to her.  Now I know, that I’m not.  And I thank you.  I thanks each and every one of you who were courageous enough to speak up.  I love you dearly.

Eliza D. Ankum
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STALKED! By Voices
Contact emails below:

Kim Foxx

Illinois Attorney General
Senator Dick Durbin

Congressman Danny K. Davis

Illinois State Representative Emanuel ‘Chris’ Welch

Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lighford

Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins

Maywood Police Chief Vladmir Talley


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Denial Letter #MeToo


Before I write anything else, let me say that I am NOT in Church this Sunday morning because of The Stalkers, who may be slightly quieter than they usually are, but are still very much free and out and about on the streets of Maywood, Illinois. Continue reading

A Question About Old Nick


A question or should I say questions regarding Old Nick from the movie, Room.

What if after she got out of the shed, people, who she thought she could trust, started telling her that her experience in the shed had all been in her mind and that Old Nick was really a friend? Continue reading