For The Crutcher Family


I wrote the following poem for Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina.  But I’d like to send it out as a condolence to the Crutcher Family.


I mourned so deeply that I hurt, physically.
I mourned for the children.
Mine, hers, and yes, even theirs.
I mourned, so deeply, because I knew her suffering
Like it was my own.
Because it is my own.
I know her agony, her tears, and her shame.
“Shame?” you ask.
Yes, because she was not there.
Oh, God how it must hurt knowing that he called for her
Yes! I am well acquainted with her demons.
Hate, anger, shame, guilt, remorse, and pity
Her demons are my very close companions.
Old friends with whom I commune daily.
With whom I share my deepest secrets, joys, and hopes.
They are everything to me.
And everything has been stilted and tinted by their presence
Nothing has escaped.
I have never eaten a single meal that they have not shared.
Drank a glass of wine that they did not pour
Or had conversation where they did not offer up their opinion
Yes, they are with me daily

Excerpt is from, ‘A Woman’s Voice: Book of Poems

Eliza D. Ankum


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth



A Woman’s Voice: Book Of Poems


While I was laying low, trying not to write anything evil about our new President, i.e my views on his travel ban and trying to insure his next election by impeding voter’s rights, I decided to work on another project to divert my attention.

That project is a book of poems entitled, ‘A Woman’s Voice:  Book of Poems.’

I’d like to share with you one of those poems.  It’s entitled, ‘Yellow Dresses.’

Back in the day, I could totally rock a yellow dress, like Tracee Ellis Ross is doing in the picture.  But not so much today.  That is why ‘Yellow Dresses’ is followed by the poem, ‘I Am Becoming A Budgie.’

Yellow Dresses


I am Brown!
I am sun scorched and dark
My skin the color of burnt sugar

Yellow is my favorite color
It is the color of eternity
It makes my brown skin glow

Men, when they see me in yellow, hollar
“Hey, big leg girl
Where ya going?
Can I come to?”

Yellow is my favorite color
You see me in no other
Navy blue I am not
Beige is for cowards
Red is for hoes
And that blows
Cause I like red

But yellow is my favorite color


I Am Becoming A Budgie


From being a long tall drink of water
I am becoming a short cup of tea

Of course, there’s more to the poem, but you’d have to buy the book to read it.  This book is not on my website or any other place except Amazon.

To buy, click here.


By Eliza D. Ankum
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How To Get Away With Murder

Amy Okuda as Catherine Hapstall


I’ve always thought that Catherine Hapstall (Amy Okuda) was the one who killed the Hapstalls. Well, she and her boyfriend.
She was painting away the night their aunt was killed, but when her brother came into the room, she remarked, “I didn’t know you went out.” How would she have known that he went out unless she went looking? And since she wasn’t sleeping with him why was she looking for him?

And for sure, when Frank jumped on Annalise as the nurses and doctors were wheeling her down the hall, he’s going to frame her for the ADA’s and Annalise’s shooting. But I don’t think she shot them. I think it was someone close to Annalise who shot her. And someone who had reason to shoot the ADA who shot her. In other words multiple killers.


PS.  All you Scandal lovers, I think the President is about to be a single man (No Mellie or Olivia).  It’ll be interesting next season to see the girls fight it out over him.


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth
Eliza D. Ankum
Author of

Happy Valentine Day – Fifty Shades of Grey


Tonight is a big night. It’s Valentine Day and the premier of the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’
As a writer, I am beyond green with envy over the success of E. L. James’ novel by the same name.


So much so, that in my last novel, ‘One Three Thirteen – Master of the Day of Judgment,’ I actually wrote some sex scenes, which I didn’t do in my novel ‘Ruby Sanders’ (lots of complaints about that). It seems sex sells. And to be a top selling author these days, you almost certainly have to include it.

But when I was asked whether or not, I’d go see the movie, my resounding answer was NO.

No, because I know what it’s like to be stalked and it’s anything but sexually exciting.

And secondly, because if a guy ever beat my butt thinking that would make me hot, he’d have a real surprise coming. The next day I’d be waiting outside his house or apartment, and when I got the chance, I’d run over him with my car. I’d stop long enough to get out and ask, “Did that get your juices going, honey? If not, I can back up.”


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth (and car)

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
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One Three Thirteen – Master Of the Day of Judgment


Say It Ain’t So!

Sherri and Jenny Fired!  Photo by TMZ


When I heard the news Friday evening, I was blown away.
I hate to admit, that I had stopped watching The View a while back and only recently started watching it again, because I wanted to make sure I was there for Barbara Walters’ retirement.
I found both Sherri and Jenny very entertaining. Especially Jenny because she was both funny and down-to-earth. A real survivor. And I was genuinely happy to hear of her engagement to Mark Walberg.
And I was equally shocked to hear of Sherri’s divorce, which, quite frankly, she should have discussed more, i.e. Star Jones’ weight loss surgery.
However, I don’t think either woman deserved being fired, especially the way in which it was done.
All I could think about were the times I’d been fired, unexpectedly, and what a traumatic feeling it was. It rocks you down to your core and you spend the next few days questioning everything you did, or worse, didn’t do. Like a dog chasing its tail.

Then comes the ‘pity’ phone calls from all your friends and relatives — the ones who only call during a disaster – YOURS. And if you survive that, you feel you owe it to yourself to drown your sorrows in either booze or ice cream wearing the obligatory sweatpants.
And then there’s the dreaded shame of dragging yourself down to the unemployment office to file for unemployment compensation. In their case, wearing dark glasses, of course.

SIDE NOTE: Sheri and Jenny make sure you don’t skip this step. The two of you should take Barbara and Bill for every, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, fifty cent, dollar you can get! (It took me a while to learn that this is very very important! Not just from a financial point, but because it will make future employers think twice about firing you.

Jenny, keep writing books and marry Wahlberg. And Sherri, I see lots of sitcoms in your future. Grab them while they’re being offered. Don’t turn down a job being offered out of pity just like men don’t turn down sex being offered out of pity.

P.S. Woody Allen may be a great writer, producer, and director, but he still crossed the line!

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth


Eliza Ankum
Author of
Ruby Sanders
Flight 404
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