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The Perfect Storm



I originally wanted to title this post, ‘Stay Your Ass At Home, but when I looked at the calendar, I quickly changed my mind.  Why?

Because the movie Black Panther premieres tonight.  Just about every Black person in Chicago will be out tonight and over the weekend trying to see the movie.  And that’s great.  We absolutely need to support movies that are directed by Black folks, staring Black folks.

But young male Black folks living, working, and playing in Chicago this weekend in particular need to be careful.

One of Chicago’s finest was killed this week, Lt. Commander Paul Bauer.


He was a truly good man with a young family that will have to face a lot of years without him.  Understandably, his fellow Chicago officers are upset. So, no one is going to be upset with them when they roll hard on criminals and suspected criminals this weekend.

So, if you don’t have a legitimate reason (work, school, or Church) for being in the city, I suggest you keep your ass at home.

It you’re going to try and go see Black Panther, don’t cause a scene when the movie gets sold out and you’re still standing in line.  If you’re that sort, keep your ass at home.

If the plates and tags on your car are not up-to-date, keep your ass at home

If you have outstanding warrants, keep your ass at home.

If you have unpaid child support, keep your ass at home.

If you can’t go anywhere without your drugs, keep your ass at home.

If you can’t go anywhere without your guns, keep your ass at home

If, you must go out, try and wear a jacket that has a breast pocket.  And put your ID, or driver’s license in it.  So that you don’t have to try and pull it out of your glove compartment or pants pocket.  Keep clam, don’t fight, or insult the officer and please, please, please, please don’t run.

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

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I Was Right About


This past weekend, I had the weekend off, again. And my movie choice this time was, ‘The Free State Of Jones.’

I know it’s considered bad form to toot your own horn, but I was absolutely right about the choice of Matthew Mcconaughey for the role.

Now, I have to be honest here and say that what first attracted me to Mr. Mcconaughey was his voice (not his remarkable southern accent, but his voice). But as I worked the story over the year of 2015-2016, and watched him in Dallas Buyers Club, Interstellar, and True Detective, I was even more impressed with his acting range.

And I was stunned and grateful when I saw and heard a close approximation of my name in the film: EANK (in large letters on the side of a building).  And the man who owned Rachel was named EANKINS. Thank you Mr. Mcconaughey for that acknowledgment.

My only criticism of the film was that I could tell that the screen play was written by a man, (Gary Ross) even before the credits rolled. The film barely touched on the relationship between Newt and Rachel that I tweaked in my blogs:

https://rubyssanders.wordpress.com and https://rubysjared.wordpress.com

Here was a man able to get two women of different races to accept him as a husband. Usually, when you put a Black and a White woman in the same house with the same man as their husband, someone ends up cut.

And Miss Gugu Mbatha-Raw reminded me so much of Gloria Ruben, I had to keep reminding myself it wasn’t Ruben on screen.

Now the second thing that I got right was Alex Baldwin as Donald Trump.



Check out Chapter 10  and 16 of 24 –  The Hunt For Red November


and Chapter 16  


Alex nailed it. I’m still laughing.


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A Question About Old Nick


A question or should I say questions regarding Old Nick from the movie, Room.

What if after she got out of the shed, people, who she thought she could trust, started telling her that her experience in the shed had all been in her mind and that Old Nick was really a friend? Continue reading

Matthew McConaughey’s New Movie

In the course of doing research for my e-books, Ruby Sanders and Jared Anderson, I read the books, The Free State Of Jones, 12 Years A Slave, and Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl, and from the first stroke of my pen, I knew Matthew McConaughey would be perfect in the role of Newt Knight.

Of course, I had to change that name, Newt.  It just did not fit with my image of Matthew McConaughey.  When I think of Mr. McConaughey, I think of tuxedos, diamonds, and Lincoln cars.  There is a jewelry store here Illinois by the name of Jared, so I used that to come up with the name Jared Anderson.

I KNEW HIM BY THE SOUND of his voiceI must admit that I was so intrigued by the thought of seeing him again that it set my heart racing and I forgot to stay hidden.  I dared to peek.

Gone was the curious little boy with mousy brown hair, skinned knees, and big feet. The Jared who entered the Wilkes’ house was not a boy, but a full-grown man.  

His body showed signs of hard physical labor. Even through the fine clothes he wore, you could see a well-muscled upper body with a narrow waist and long sturdy legs. This older Jared was as tall as my father.  He had light brown hair with just a whisper of gold. His eyes were so blue they could have been cut straight from the sky.  And his face was caressed with a tan from the summer sun and he wore an easy smile and seemed very self-assured.

I did, however, get one thing very wrong.  Originally, I had Halle Berry as Ruby.




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