Designated Survivor Skeptics


To all my skeptics concerning my last post, Designated Survivor, I’d like to offer this.

But before I do, let me say this about writing.  As I started to learn my craft, one of the mantras that I always heard was, “Play to your audience.”  Or “Write for your particular audience.”   And knowing that, I know exactly why what I wrote was ‘damped down’.  Continue reading


A Woman’s Voice: Book Of Poems


While I was laying low, trying not to write anything evil about our new President, i.e my views on his travel ban and trying to insure his next election by impeding voter’s rights, I decided to work on another project to divert my attention.

That project is a book of poems entitled, ‘A Woman’s Voice:  Book of Poems.’

I’d like to share with you one of those poems.  It’s entitled, ‘Yellow Dresses.’

Back in the day, I could totally rock a yellow dress, like Tracee Ellis Ross is doing in the picture.  But not so much today.  That is why ‘Yellow Dresses’ is followed by the poem, ‘I Am Becoming A Budgie.’

Yellow Dresses


I am Brown!
I am sun scorched and dark
My skin the color of burnt sugar

Yellow is my favorite color
It is the color of eternity
It makes my brown skin glow

Men, when they see me in yellow, hollar
“Hey, big leg girl
Where ya going?
Can I come to?”

Yellow is my favorite color
You see me in no other
Navy blue I am not
Beige is for cowards
Red is for hoes
And that blows
Cause I like red

But yellow is my favorite color


I Am Becoming A Budgie


From being a long tall drink of water
I am becoming a short cup of tea

Of course, there’s more to the poem, but you’d have to buy the book to read it.  This book is not on my website or any other place except Amazon.

To buy, click here.


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The Weekend Off


This weekend, I published my new ebook, Thou Shalt Eat Dust, and I celebrated by doing nothing.  Honestly, all I did was sleep, eat, drink (vodka and Sprite) and watch movies and TV shows (Major Crimes, Motive, and American Gothic) from Xfinity’s OnDemand.

And that’s what I’m writing about, today.  I had put off watching a certain movie for about three months, even though I’d heard it was excellently done by its young co-star, Jacob Tremblay, because I knew it would make me cry.  The movie I’m writing about is Room.

The movie was adapted from the book of the same name, Room byEmma Donoghue.  It is the story of a young woman who was kidnapped in her teens and held for seven years in a shed behind a man’s house.  She was repeatedly raped and gave birth, in the shed, to her son, Jack.  Jack grew up thinking that Room was all there was.  Until on Jack’s fifth birthday his mother realized that she had to get them out.

The movie goes on to show Jack’s awakening to the world and how some people can accept the unacceptable and some can’t.  The movie was definitely worth the $2.99 I spent.  And yes, I did cry.  I cried watching them move around in that tiny space.  I cried when they escaped.  And I cried the hardest when Jack’s mother took him back to Room.  “Is this Room.  Did somebody shrunk it?”

I knew I was to cry watching this movie because I remember how long I waited for someone to save me, (STALKED! By Voices) before realizing I had to save myself.  I also cried for the thousands of women still being held in sheds and basements all over America.  And those who appear to be walking around free but really aren’t.

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth


Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
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The Free State of Jones is Ruby Sanders

Matthew McConaughey in The Free State of Jones

It was a slow day at work and I was toiling away on the ending (one that my readers won’t hate, hopefully) of the new ebook, ‘Jared Anderson,’ and to give myself some inspiration, I decided to look at some Matthew McConaughey photos.

And guess what I came across.  Yes, that’s right a picture of Matthew McConaughey dressed as a Confederate soldier for should I say, deserter, in the new film, The Free State of Jones.

Matthew’s character plays a Civil War deserter who marries a black slave girl.  I wonder where, Gary Ross, the films director and ‘writer’ got that idea.  Could it possibly have been a Best Selling ebook by the name of Ruby Sanders and it’s sequel, Jared Anderson.

Of course, neither that ebook or my name are anywhere on the credits for the films.  Just as they were never mention on the film, ‘Flight.’ aka, Flight 404 staring Denzel Washington.

My question is, what does a girl have to do to get credit for her work?  Frustrated unpaid writer.

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
STALKED! By Voices
Dancing With The Fat Woman

PS  I’m sure either OneThreeThirteen or Dancing With The Fat Woman are going into production somewhere in Hollywood under another writer’s name, perhaps John Gatins.

Where’s Liza? Part 1

elizabooks’ logo

To most of my subscribers it must seem as though I’ve been missing in action by not commenting on any of the latest juicy gossip driven News events. But actually, I’ve been very busy learning my new craft of writing.

Take for example, my novel ‘Ruby Sanders’. When I first put it up for sale on, I had it categorized as a Romance Novel.

The book had excellent sales, but it was slammed by Amazon’s readers. They knit-picked that book to pieces and rightfully so. And they especially hated the ending.

So, I rewrote and rewrote and rewrote. And truth be told, I could have rewritten that book a thousand times and the readers would still have found fault with the book. Because there was something that I didn’t know then that I know now after having taken the time to study my craft.
And that is, I AM NOT A ROMANCE WRITER, and Ruby Sander is NOT A ROMANCE NOVEL. There are no heaving chests, and no one is looking longingly into someone’s eyes. But mostly, Ruby Sanders does not have a happy ending. An absolute must for a good romance novel. Girl gets rich guy – guy saves beautiful damsel. You know the drill.

What I, obviously, didn’t know is that there are definite rules for each Genre. As I wrote in the previous paragraph, a good romance novel is all about the two main characters and must have a happy ending. A good contemporary love story is all about the story, with interesting characters, and does not necessarily have a happy ending. So, therefore, Ruby Sanders is a love story and not a romance story.

That being learned, I then had to learn all about ‘Categories’ and in particular, Categories. Click here

I also studied keywords and how to use them as opposed to search phrases. A tedious but necessary task. So necessary in fact, that after I re-categorized and built keywords into my book description for Ruby Sanders, its sales are on the rise again.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #158,792 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#121 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > African
#1318 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > United States
#2172 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Westerns

Note the change from Romance >Historical Fiction >Western


Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > African

And check out the keywords (in bold) built into the new book description.

Ruby Sanders is the coming of age story of a young slave girl and her relationship with two very different men, Jared Anderson, the son of a wealthy planter and Mingo Williams, the son of a planter and his slave mistress
The Civil War has ravished the plantations around Atlanta and then news comes from the North that President Lincoln has found a new general who’s willing and able to carry out his scorched earth policy towards the South.

Playmates since children, Jared has vowed to free Ruby and her family but he must also save his own. In order to do that, he has come up with a daring plan to move everyone, including Ruby, west to the newly opened Colorado Territories. But there’s a problem. Jared and his family are broke. He’s forced to marry the young impetuous daughter of Henry and Helen Wilkes in order to obtain enough money to carry out his plan.

When Mingo joins the group will his presence destroy Jared’s plans? Or will Jared and Ruby live happily ever after?  WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL CONTENT.

Now, while I’ll share with you my categories and keywords, I’m keeping my search phrases a closely guarded secret.

I will tell you that I’ve had similar results with my other novel, Dancing With The Fat Woman which has gone from #1238 in the wrong category to #818 in the correct category.

As one famous writer wrote on his website, “you may have written the world’s best novel, but if no one can find it, no one will ever know.

So if you’re a new writer getting started in the Self Publishing business, my advice to you is to take time to study and to learn. My new favorite site is Novel Now.

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
Flight 404
Ruby Sanders
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