Too Painful and Deeply Personal


In today’s post, I’m going to do something that normally, I work very hard not to do.  And that is, to write a post when I’m angry and take personal issue with a celebrity. Continue reading


Immigration – Are We Helping?

I came across this video while doing a routine search to see how many more people are currently using the name of my latest book, The Hunt For Red November,’ and the name of my website as their own.

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Resolving A Case of Writer’s Block


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Whenever, I have something I feel strongly that I should write and share with my readers but feel that it’ll be received negatively and end up not sharing it, I always end up with writers block, which is why I haven’t written a column in about three weeks.
So, here goes. Continue reading

Ben Foot In Mouth Carson


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse when President Donald J. Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping, Ben Carson opens his mouth and inserts his foot.

Ben about the only thing the immigrant slaves were thinking was, “Get me the hell out of here by any means necessary.”


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza D. Ankum

Selective Hearing

'I didn't hear you calling. I can't listen to everybody who yells at me.'

I have been on vacation this week, recovering from a bout of pneumonia.  The other day, I was watching Windy City Live before heading out to enjoy the sixty plus degree weather hoping to finish drying up the crap in my lungs.

I happened to catch the Host Chat segment that said Selective Hearing is a real thing.  I could have told you that!

Selective auditory attention or selective hearing is a type of selective attention and involves the auditory system of the nervous system. Selective hearing is characterized as the action in which people focus their attention on a specific source of a sound or spoken words.

In order to keep a roof over my head, food on the table, clothes on my back, and a car in the driveway, I’ve had to practice Selective Hearing since 1989.  Make no mistake about it, I’ve heard every word, every syllable, and every insult screamed at me by my stalkers.  I haven’t been spared a single thing

It’s not that I’m in denial or that I think I’m ‘hearing voices’, it’s that I’ve tried getting help but I’ve a single Black female nobody.  And not a very attractive one at that.  But before I was informed of that, I tried getting help from:

The Maywood Police.  They drugged me and told me I was crazy.

The FBI.  They did investigated but decided to use the stalkers to clean up political corruption in Chicago.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office refused to act because that would have compromised the FBI.

Two lawyers (Suburban and City of Chicago) – too afraid their office secrets would be told.

The Dupage County State’s Attorney.  He was sick at the time and only wanted to concentrate on his health and his family.  Totally understandable.

And finally back to the Maywood Police who tole me, “We don’t know of anything happening in the Community.”

It took me along time to accept that I was SOL.  But I did.

Now, as to  what sparked this post.  It was an interview with past Cook County State’s Attorney, Anita Alverez, who during the interview said, “She had a hard year.” (She was referring to the 2016 election campaign).

I nearly fell off my chair laughing.  She had a hard year.  I couldn’t get over that. Yes, I know you lost your coveted job, Miss Alverez.  But with all due respect, Ms. Alverez, you have NOT had a hard year.  You had a difficult year.  Yes, you did.  But you have NOT had a hard year.  I have absolutely no sympathy for you.  You try going through what I’ve gone through since 1989 and then you can talk to me about having a hard year.  When people insult you to your face, call you every name in the book, assault your body and destroy your personal property. And there’s no where to go for help.

Until then, you enjoy your nice house, your child, your comfortable severance pay, and your next high level high paying job.  I’ll be thinking about you as I try  to make ends meet on $1200.00 a month, Social Security, when I retire in February of 2018.

But right now, I’m be too busy trying to save every dime I can get to think about you and your ‘hard year.’

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
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