Currie’s Billing and The Stalkers

Now don’t get me wrong, I know my car needs some repair work.  But $1800.00 worth of repair work?  I don’t think so.  That is just over the top excessive.  And I believe the stalkers have a lot to do with Currie overbilling me.

So, here’s a list of some of the work I’ve had done so far and a corresponding post about the stalkers.  In 2016, I started pressing hard for their arrest.  My car repairs reflect that.


Invoice # Date Amount Billed Description of work
271287 04/30/2018 172.29 Oil Change and diagnostic work
Air filter                      45.55
Air duct                     434.32
Lower control arm     509.15
Sway bar                    401.75
Alignment                  129.95
Oil pan gasket            308.95
MIAF                           39.95
Wrote post, ‘My Plea For Justice’
239054 12/09/2016 120.00 Towing due to hole in radiator hose
12/07/2016 626.00
238816 12/06/2016 564.90 Vehicle towed because of smoke and overheating replace ignition coil and radiator cap
236602 11/03/2016 652.59 Coolant system flush
Power steering flush
Replace thermostat
Repair signal light
Oil change and tire rotation
(All hub caps gone)
Wrote posts Crime Victim Impact Statements 1 and 2


228801 07/01/2016 173.71 Replace left outer tie rod end
(When I picked up the car, I noticed that the antenna was retracted or so I thought.  Antenna was actually broken off.)
226432 05/25/2016 0.00 Resurfaced front rotors (brakes still squealing  (Front hub cap missing)
May 12, 2016 my post ‘Why Are They Screaming
206979 06/25/2015 555.97 Brake fluid flush
Clean & adjust rear brakes
Replace front pads and rotors
Oil change  (rear right hub cap missing)
Posted ‘Asking Why of a Psychopath’ on 06/21/2015
198937 02/11/2015 43.90 Oil change and tire rotation
191153 09/19/2014 244.27 Two new front tires
My post, ‘Governor Quinn and a Stalker Attack
189746 08/19/2014 140.24 Replace right front headlight
Repair signal light
My post, ‘Train Up A Child
183281 03/18/2014 230.83 Oil change
Replace wiper blades
Power steering flush
My post, The Frustrated Stalker
176700 10/02/2013 43.71 Oil change
169844 04/09/2013 0.00 Car under warranty
Repair thermostat
Coolant cap leaking
168140 02/27/2013 44.31 Oil change
164298 11/21/2012 0.00 Car under warranty
Replace left front headlight
160252 08/13/2012 46.87 Recall on spark plugs and boots
05/27/2012 47.79 Oil change
152775 02/13/2012 47.79 Replace right front headlight
144925 07/21/2011 47.34 Oil Change
09/15/2010 46.33 Oil change
135965 12/02/2010 46.33 Oil Change

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