Mental Health Stigma or Unavailability

On the heels of yet another celebrity suicide, I’d like to say, as a person who has sought behavior counseling that there is a great misconception about the state of America’s Mental Health Clinics and Hospitals. Continue reading


Abby Says Goodbye


Hey fans of CBS’ hit show NCIS join me, other members of the #MeToo and #Times Up Movement, and about four million other people and say goodbye to Pauley Perrette’s character Abbey.   Tonight is Ms. Perrette’s last episode on the show.

I loved her character.  She was like a living Goth Cupie Doll.  But a very, very smart one.

Also, if you didn’t know Ms. Perrette, like myself, is a long time victim of stalking.
Click the link below to watch the CBS 48 Hours segment entitled, ‘Are You Being Stalked?’

My sincere hope is that by leaving the show she gets some relief from that situation.  If not, travel.  But first, hire a detective (a good one) to follow you.  Tell him your first destination and then go for it.  Your stalker will follow and if your detective is worth the money you paid him, he’ll get your stalker on film.

And finally, to those of you who watched last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and heard Dr. Karev’s ‘(Justin Chambers) tirade about why his mother was suddenly ‘cured’ of her schizophrenia.  Well, the answer is two-fold.  One, she probably didn’t have schizophrenia, but was being stalked by a certain sub-set group of individuals (mind-readers).  And secondly, in her sixties, she no longer had high enough hormone levels to enable the RAGE that the mind readers feed on.

Our inner RAGE or TURMOIL is the mind-readers drug of choice.

It’s simple biology, you get old and you don’t have the hormones to get as angry or lusty as when you were younger.


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The Top One Hundred List

I am pleased to announce that another of my books, STALKED! By Voices, has made it into The Top 100 for its category

My first Best Seller was Ruby Sanders, a non-conventional historical western romance that I’m following with Jared Anderson due to go on sale at the end of September.

Ruby Sanders

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