The Boston Marathon Bombings

Boston Marathon Bombings WHITE SMOKE

I know some of you are wondering why ‘Tiny Kitten’ didn’t comment on the Boston Marathon bombing some weeks back.

 The truth is that I knew all along that the bombing was not an act of terrorism – domestic or foreign. 

 However, I thought it best not to interfere with an active Police and FBI investigation.  But more importantly, because I knew some parent somewhere was about to get some very bad news about their child.

 What brought me to this conclusion were two words spoken by an announcer  –  WHITE SMOKE.

 Because of those two words ‘white smoke’ I knew the bomber or bombers were young and inexperienced.

 It’s no secret, that I’m a victim of stalking.  And in one of my past blog postings, I talked about how The Stalkers/Voices had filled my apartment with WHITE SMOKE.  So, when I heard the announcer say white smoke, I knew the bombers had gotten a hold of theatrical grade material.  An expert or terrorist would have known better and the casualties would have been much worse.

 It is the aim of this blog to enlighten the public, the Police, and to do no harm. 

 By clicking the link below, you can read Chapter 73 of  STALKED! By Voices, posted on September 8, 2012.

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