Scandal is back!  And I’ve taken to calling the last three episodes of Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal, Dethroned.

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Sign This!

Sign language translator at Nelson Mandela’s memorial was a FAKE:






 Come on Black people.  Do we really need to be doing crap like this?

President Obama may not be the greatest President the United States has ever had, but he and we as Blacks people, deserve more respect than this.  And Nelson Mandela definately did.

Hopefully, from now on, President Obama will travel with his own sign language interpreter.

P.S.   I was expecting more television coverage of the funeral  than we got.  Afterall, the major TV networks gave Diana a full day of coverage.  But, thenagain, they didn’t broadcast a single minute of the Dody Fiad’s funeral. 

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A Writing Prompt or A Harbinger of Things To Come

Sometimes as a writer, you get these fantastic ideas for a novel or novella but because of other commitments — finishing and — you know you’ll never get around to starting the project let alone finishing it.

I have one such idea, and I was reminded of it again this morning while watching ‘Good Morning America. So, I’d like to throw that idea out to the writing community.

It goes like this:

When I was a child, we were taught in school that the sun is 93 million miles from earth and that the continental United States was farther south than it is today. However, if you fact check that in Wikipedia today, it states that the sun is 108 million miles from the earth and we’re experiencing a slow continental drift northward. My story idea takes that information and paints a doomsday that the sun is moving away from the earth and as it does it is slowly pulling the earth apart which is the reason for the recent rash of sinkholes.

Who would live and who would die.  And what would life be like on the part of the earth that was left in its old orbit.

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Sausage and Cheese Pizza with Extra Cheese

I live in Maywood, Illinois sometimes known as Murderwood, Illinois.  But according to recent polls we might have to give that title over to Chicago. 

With that said, there has been a lot of talk out in Maywood,aka, Murderwood about our not being able to get a major supermarket chain to put a grocery store in the area.  I really don’t mind that so much because I shop at Aldi’s most of the time any way and Aldi’s already has a store in Maywood.

What is really yanking my chain is Pizza.  There is NO PIZZA DELIVERY IN MAYWOOD. 

Madam Mayor and Trustees, forget about the darn supermarket for awhile and start solving the of NO PIZZA DELIVERY IN MAYWOOD

I think you should first concentrate on why neither Pizza Hut, Dominos, or Papa John will deliver a pizza to Maywood? 

And by the way, you can’t get Chinese food delivered either!    Now that’s true discrimination.

And finally, no sit down restaurants.  Only fast food chains that won’t deliver!

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Manys Thanks to Justice John B. Simon
Former Mayor Richard Daley
You’re both my finest inspirations




LOL Laughing Out Loud

Checked on STALKED! this morning.  It’s still listed with Stephen King but at least, I moved up. Thank you


Click the link to check it out.

Two things made me laugh this week.

The first thing, maybe not so funny for some, but when I thought of it in terms of my life I literally started laughing out loud (LOL).

It was news that Jesse Jackson Junior’s things were being auctioned off to pay back the $750,000.00 he inappropriately used to pay for his shopping spree.

I had to laugh because if the Feds were to auction off everything I owned, and that includes recently purchased items, I’d come up short by about $650,000.00.

They might get another twenty thousand or so by selling the car, maybe. Then throw in two years of my salary. And finally, the apartment building in which I live, even though technically, I don’t own it and maybe just maybe, if the buyer were drunk enough and therefore feeling quite generous, they might fetch a cool hundred thousand. Who am I kidding? LOL .

 Secondly, I finished book one of the series STALKED! By Voices and got it on And when I Goggled the book, sure enough there it was, listed under Stephen King’s, ‘The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.’

I danced around with great personal joy, finished my day job, went home and slept like a baby. When I woke the next morning, God did one of those very very very very rare things and spoke to me. He say, “You’re listed under Stephen King because they think your life is a horror story. A well written one, but a horror story none the less.” LOL Trying to get the book moved to the Memoir section.

 But speaking of horror stories, Tuesday night I watched Brad Pitt’s movie, World War Z on Comcast On Demand. The street flight through Jerusalem street was so intense I felt like I was part of the battle.

It’s well worth watching even though I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending.

Keep laughing. Keep dreaming. Enough said.


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DC Naval Yard Shooting

Hear we are again with yet another shooting.  It seems we are no longer safe anywhere these days, not in our work places, definately not in our schools, and not even in our homes.   And not because of any foreign terrorists acts like the one conducted by Syria President Bashar al-Assad.   We are not safe from ourselves.

The honest truth is aside from war, most Americans are killed by other Americans with guns that were purchased for safety reasons.  

It’s about time we woke up to the fact that we need to get the guns off the streets, out of the back closet, and out of the hands of people who might find another way of expressing their anger if they hadn’t had access to a gun.


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Perception.  No I don’t mean the TV show.  I mean how you see or think about things. 

It’s a Deming Principle that I first heard about while working at Exxon Company, U.S.A that I never really got or understood until years later when I was watching a made for TV movie about a military plane crash in Alaska. 

The General in charge of the base where the plane flew out of kept saying to the News reporter that, “We’re doing all we can to rescue the stranded crash survivors.”  

While the air force was busy trying to rescue the survivors, a severe blizzard blew in right over the crash area.  The General went back in front of the News reporters and this time stated that, “We are doing all we can to get to the stranded survivors but the severe blizzard was hampering their efforts.”

Meanwhile, a search and rescue plan flew over the crash site to confirm its location and make sure that the rescuers were headed in the right direction. 

As anyone who has watched the News lately will tell you, that a rescue mission most often turns into a body recovery mission.  So it went with this effort.  Most of the survivors froze to death while waiting for rescue. 

I was unable to sleep that night after watching this film because I kept thinking why instead of trying to rescue the survivors why hadn’t the Air Force tried saving their lives.

I know that my sound like an oxymoron, but if the Air Force had tried saving their lives instead of rescuing them, that plane that had flown over them earlier would have dropped blankets, and thermos of hot coffee and/or soup.  That way, they would have been alive upon rescue.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I was vehemently opposed to the Chicago school closings.  I truly felt it was a blatant act of racism.  Because is the school board needed to save money, why not close the schools that had all the fancy computer equipment, extra programs, air conditioning and higher paid teachers?

Why close schools that are educating students without all the fancy frills?

And another thing, a while back, the city told us that our Black children were not learning because of the run-down conditions of the schools and over-crowding in the classrooms. 

So, to me, here was the ideal situation for our Black children to get a good education.  Small class sizes meant the teacher would have more control of the class and could be more hands on.  

Now, we’re being told our children will get a better education if we go back to larger class sizes because larger class sizes mean more tax dollars and more bling in the form of computers and ipads. 

My negative perception is that if a teacher can’t teach, it doesn’t matter what the size of the class is and whether or not there are computers or ipads.  

After all, most everyone in a position of power over at the school board and in the city council were educated in a time before computers and ipads. 

My positive perception is that, without sounding like a blatant racist myself, this might just help young black kids learn to get along with each other which is something they can’t seem to do now. 

But let’s just make sure we’re not trying to rescue them when we should be trying to save them.


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