Gun Control

Thursday, I attended a breakfast meeting about Gun Control at a local church here in the western suburbs. There was an impressive turn out of influential Chicago politicians. And I must say I was very impressed that they made time to get together and strategize about the epidemic of crime in our streets.

 But I was majorly disappointed that they are determined at continuing with the same old same old, i.e. ‘let’s lock ‘em up.’

 Most of our local politicians are continuing with the same strategy of controlling the aftermath of a crime instead of taking the brave and narrow pathway towards coming up with solutions for preventing crime. And those are two totally different things.

 Controlling the aftermath is

1. Tougher gun laws. Our state’s attorney general is campaigning hard for this. However, I do SUPPORT her idea that guns should be as traceable as cars. Every gun should have the equivalent of a VIN number. And its owner should have to go through the same process to sell it as he does his car!

2. Long prison sentences.

3. And more of the Three Strikes sentencing that unfortunately our beloved former President Clinton got passed a lot of Black leaders at the time.

 Preventing Crime is

1. Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs

2. A rollback in education to the basics. By that I mean teaching our children to read, write, and do arthrimatic. I guarantee if you ask a young child what arthrimatic is they wouldn’t be able to tell you.

3. Teaching our children Hone Economics — how to read a bus schedule, balance a checkbook, make a grocery list and how to go grocery shopping without a Link Card, and what a budget is and how it can help you get what you want.

4. Teaching shop. (Car repair, computer repair, etc.) I know we don’t repair things anymore. We throw away the old and buy a new whatever.

 But maybe our schools could teach Cashiering (Walmart is the No. 1 employer in the United States) Food Service Workers (McDonalds is the second largest employer), Home Healthcare Workers (a field that is expected to grow as Baby Boomers age), and how to dress to get an Administrative Assistant job in a Downtown office.

 5. Teaching our young men to respect women. (Remember Tipper Gore and her warnings about those music videos.)

 6. Teaching our young women to respect themselves. Women get married and have children. Stop the Baby Daddy bullshit. Marry the man.

 7. Teach respect for one another. That sad old Golden Rule works.

 8. Teach respect for other people’s property.


Remember those old television ads

This is your brain on drugs



This is your brain with a bullet through it!











Life – Crocodile Tears

Crocodile Tears , An insincere display of grief; false tears. From the belief that crocodiles weep either to lure a victim or when eating one.

 For a long time, I refused to comment on the Trayvon Martin case because I needed to believe that there were aspects of the case that had not been exposed to the public.

 I thought perhaps being a teenager that Trayvon might have created a scene in the store where he purchased the pack of Skittles candy he left home to get. Or perhaps the store owner was going to come forward and say that Trayvon had shoplifted the Skittles and that he, the store owner, had called Mr. Zimmerman and had complained of being ripped off again. But none of that happened!

 Then I patiently waited for the News media’s reports on all the numerous robberies and muggings in Mr. Zimmerman’s neighborhood. That didn’t happen either.

 And then, Mr. Zimmerman took aim at the Martin family again. This second shot came in the form of an apology. I can tell you, Mr. Zimmerman, from personal experience that apologies are a thing that needs to be well timed.

 With regards to apologies, adults are not like children. An apology does not make it all better. Before you apologize for wronging and adult – especially killing someone’s child — you need to let some time go by first, as in., ‘time heals all wounds.’ An apology does not!

 The other thing I have a problem with regarding Mr. Zimmerman’s apology is this (an it’s my writer’s version of what I think happened that night.):

 Trayvon was not walking down the street as Mr. Zimmerman said, but was in actuality, running down the street. Which was what caught Mr. Zimmerman’s attention. I mean a young black in a hoodie running down the street. He’s obviously guilty of something.

 I originally thought that Trayvon was running because as a member of the football team he would have wanted to keep in shape. But I was wrong. He was running because as one of my ten year old Sunday School students pointed out, ‘it was probably raining. That’s why he had the hoodie on.

Add to that he was in a strange neighborhood and trying to find his way back to his father’s girlfriend house in the rain.

 So Mr. Zimmerman sees this Black man running down the street, calls the Police to report a suspicious person, ignores the 911 dispatcher and decides to (and this is where I have the problem and most likely Trayvon’s parents as well)

Divert from his route

 Hunt, as in stalk this young black man

Retrieve his gun from the glove compartment

Load his gun

Get out of his truck and

Point a loaded gun at a teenager who had never seen him before

Threaten the young man (as Mr. Zimmerman said on the tape “you’re not going to get away with it. Not this time!). I’m sure Trayvon didn’t have a clue as to what Mr. Zimmerman was referring to. All Trayvon knew was a white man was holding a gun on him.

I have to stop here and ask myself, ‘What would I have done?”

Let a stranger with a gun drag me off somewhere

Scream for help (as Trayvon did on the tape.

Fight back (most likely the cause of Mr. Zimmerman’s head wounds)

No, Mr. Zimmerman, your apology was not acceptable because a black man running down the street is not a crime.

And since you like to take shots at people, Mr. Zimmerman, here’s one for you.  Remember Susan Smith.  We do!