Hadiya Pendleton

Sometimes the wisest thing you can do as a blogger is know when to shut up.

Last week I wanted to sit down at my computer and start pounding away at what I thought was the best course of action in the Hadiya Pendleton case. But out of respect for the teen’s family I decided no way. Don’t add to the drama.

However, as a writer and as the auntie and former teacher of teenage girls, I had an idea about what had transpired.

Both of my eyebrows were raised in suspicion when I heard that the girl had gone to the park after school. Why?

1. Because is was cold that day and

2. I’m sure – with all the gun violence in Chicago – Hadiya’s parents had told her to come straight home after school.

So, instead of chasing some nameless – faceless person with a gun who just randomly shot at a bunch of teenagers hanging out in the park, I would have sat myself down and had a good close look at her girlfriends. I would have asked myself

1. Which one of them might have been jealous of Hadiya’s success?

2. Which one of them might have ties to someone in a gang or who had access to a gun?

3. And which one of them had enough influence with Hadiya to convince her to defy her parent’s orders about going straight home after school?

Jealousy, even though we think it’s outdated and outmoded, still ranks as the number one reason for most actions taken by teenage girls. And most teenagers – boys and girls – are adept at taking life long damning actions over seemingly petty issues.

Well, now you know why I never became a Policewoman.  I’m just do damn suspicious.


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