Garry Francis McCarthy


Today, Rahm Emmanuel fired Garry Francis McCarthy.  And my first reaction to that was and is, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

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Racial Blaming

Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz

By now, we’ve all heard the shocking news about Fox Lake, Illinois Policeman, Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz.

I must say that listening to that broadcast concerning former LT. Gliniewicz, I was reminded of Susan Smith who murdered her two young sons and blamed and unknown Black man.

Susan Smith murdered her two sons and blamed an unknown Black man

I don’t usually give compliments to the Police but I find myself sobered by the way the Illinois Police handled the Gliniewicz case. They, like the Police in Susan Smith’s hometown, kept a level head and did not go headlong into the night arresting every suspicious Black man and hauling them and subjecting them to needless harassment and interrogation.

Good job guys.

Now for the bad part. This case does, however, point out the very real need for more Police Training.

It is sad to say that they, the Police, never suspected the criminal in their midst. It makes it really hard, for those of us who are the victims of crime, to believe that they’re capable of catching the other bad guys out there.

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