Old School Chicago Politics

Like so many of you, I was left scratching my head and wondering what were they thinking.

I recently watched a News broadcast on Jesse Jackson Jr.’s move from his Washington, D.C. Congressional office back to his home on the South Side of Chicago.

Let me say that I have absolutely no way of knowing whether Jesse Jackson Jr. is or isn’t guilty of trying to buy President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat.

But what does immediately spring to mind is why would he? And for that matter, why would former Governor Rod Blagojevich think that he had the right to sell the seat. Wasn’t it up to the voters of that District to decide who they wanted to replace then Senator Barack Obama?

I keep thinking if Jesse Jackson Jr. wanted that Senate seat why didn’t he just call a press conference and announce, to the voters, his interest in the seat. I’m sure that all of the voters in his District would have rallied around him and given him their full support.

In other words we lost a promising black congressman, and potential Senator, because his campaign workers didn’t know how to call a press conference? Anybody know the phone numbers for Charles Thomas, Mike Flannery, and Mary Ann Ahern in Chicago?

An then there was Richard Mell. Yet another unfortunate moment caught on camera that left me dumbfounded and which has caused me to change the name of this blog from lifeloveorsomethingelse to A Tiny Kitten with a Big Mouth.

Mr. Richard Mell, the most influential and longest lasting of Chicago’s Aldermen, when questioned about his pending retirement said, that he had no immediate plans on retiring but when he did, he was going to give his job to his daughter, Deb Mell, whom he felt was qualified to handle the position of Alderman.

Mr. Mel I don’t doubt for a moment that your daughter is very capable of handling the job but what about the voters in your District and what they want.

Giving your daughter your position as Alderman is nothing but old school Chicago politics at its very worst. There’s a word for that Mr. Mell — nepotism. And I’m sure Chicago in particular as instituted laws against it. Remember Shakman.


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth