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Questions  – I Remember Anita Hill

In answer to the question, ‘How could Exxon Company USA sexually harass you and then fire you?’

They pulled the’ you’re crazy’ card, hence the demand that I attend EHAP (Employee Health Advisory Program) for Mental Health.

But, if you’ll read in later Chapters, I refused.  I refused because no amount of psycho therapy was ever going to make me feel better about what happened at Exxon and/or later companies.  Not ever.

Later on, Exxon used the ‘disgruntled employee’ ploy.  It was easier to walk away than look like the crazy person they’d labeled me.


Question:  24: Live Another Day

Now, let’s take a moment and discuss how ‘onethreethirteen’ relates to 24.    The first part of the book covers 24 hours – from midnight January 2 to midnight January 3rd.  The flashbacks to the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and Mogadishu are there to lay background and disguise the fact that it all happens within a 24 hour period.  Part 2 of the book will cover the consequences of those actions.


Question:  Why do you think The Stalkers are stealing from you?

Now let’s take a practical turn.  You, me, and even the stalkers need money for either a mortgage or rent, food, clothes, and the necessities of life.  I get mine from working.  They get theirs from stealing.

For the longest time, the stalkers were telling everyone that they were getting their money from the government, and even used the term ‘crazy checks’.  As in they getting Social Security Disability checks because they were crazy and couldn’t work.   Lies.   They were, and still are, ripping off every idea I’ve ever had, to make money, and have used those ideas as a way of making money for themselves  which they then turn around and give as bribes or incentives to others to go along with their stalking.

Also, I’ve come to know that a lot of them also hold government and civil jobs.  But some of them like to gain employment at whatever company that currently employs me.

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A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

Eliza Ankum
Author of
Flight 404



Stranger Danger

While I applaud ABC Chicago Channel 7 News report on Stranger Danger here’s what they left out and you need to know as a parent. The single most asked question in any abduction is, “Why did they get into the car?”

Most sexual predators will stalk your child first. What they’ll do is get to know when and where your child goes to school and stake out a safe spot along their route where they can intercept the child. They’ll position themselves at this spot and ‘busy’ themselves doing something or will keep their back to the child so that the child does not notice them at first. They’ll do this a few times and then let the child or ‘prey’ see their face. After a couple of weeks with the child seeing them at the same spot, they’ll wave or talk to the child. Now, that Stranger is no longer a STRANGER.

The next time the child sees this ‘familiar stranger’, it’ll be in a different spot, say the Mall or at the Movies. Now, he’s even more familiar. He might even strike up a casual conversation and do absolutely nothing else. The child feels safe with this familiar stranger.

So, on a cold or rainy evening, when the child is walking home and that familiar stranger pulls up and offers them a ride. What do you think will happen?

If you want to take your child out of play, tell him or her to take a picture of any suspicious person who has suddenly appeared along their usual route and has struck up a conversation with them. If the child doesn’t want to tell you about this new person because you’ll make a fuss over nothing, have him or her to email the picture to a friend. That way, someone will know what this person looks like.

Excerpts below are from ‘Stalked! By Voices’

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth