Stranger Danger

While I applaud ABC Chicago Channel 7 News report on Stranger Danger here’s what they left out and you need to know as a parent. The single most asked question in any abduction is, “Why did they get into the car?”

Most sexual predators will stalk your child first. What they’ll do is get to know when and where your child goes to school and stake out a safe spot along their route where they can intercept the child. They’ll position themselves at this spot and ‘busy’ themselves doing something or will keep their back to the child so that the child does not notice them at first. They’ll do this a few times and then let the child or ‘prey’ see their face. After a couple of weeks with the child seeing them at the same spot, they’ll wave or talk to the child. Now, that Stranger is no longer a STRANGER.

The next time the child sees this ‘familiar stranger’, it’ll be in a different spot, say the Mall or at the Movies. Now, he’s even more familiar. He might even strike up a casual conversation and do absolutely nothing else. The child feels safe with this familiar stranger.

So, on a cold or rainy evening, when the child is walking home and that familiar stranger pulls up and offers them a ride. What do you think will happen?

If you want to take your child out of play, tell him or her to take a picture of any suspicious person who has suddenly appeared along their usual route and has struck up a conversation with them. If the child doesn’t want to tell you about this new person because you’ll make a fuss over nothing, have him or her to email the picture to a friend. That way, someone will know what this person looks like.

Excerpts below are from ‘Stalked! By Voices’

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