The Syrian Refugees

Hopefully, you, my readers will forgive me for this late post regarding the Syrian refuges, but I was busy finishing up my new ebook, Jared Anderson A Novel.

With that done, I’m turning my attention back to News items that caught my eye during that time.  And one of them was the Syrian refugees.

When I first heard the news that Syrians were fleeing their country to Germany, my first thought was, “Did someone move Germany when I wasn’t looking?”  I mean why would they walk thousands of miles, past other Arab countries, to get to Germany?  Because between Syria and Germany lie the countries of Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovia, The Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary.  To the east is Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar, all Arab States.  Click here for a full view of the world map above.

So why German, Turkey, and America.

It is an old war tactic.  You drive your indigenous peoples into your enemy’s camp or fort.  The people beg and appeal to the people within the fort to let them in.  “Please, please they beg.  We are people like you.  We hunger and thirst.  We are afraid.  Please do not leave us out here to die.”

In order words, they appeal to our humanity.  But what we, inside the fort, fail to realize is that our enemy is within those ‘disenfranchised people’.  Once inside the enemy within goes to work spreading their message, their views, and their religion.

This was the way Islam was spread in Syria centuries ago.

Germany and Italy are both allies of the United States.  How long do you think it will take these people to gain political and economic power and change that?  Not as long as you might imagine.

My other problem with Syria is that Syria brought the destruction of their home land on themselves.  Why couldn’t these intelligent people work to bring about change in a peaceful manner?  Jordan and Saudi Arabia did it.

When I was researching my ebook, ‘OneThreeThirteen,’ I came across several articles regarding an email that was sent from a young Arab college student sent to other students that started the riots in Homs, Syria.

An excerpt from Wikipedia

 On 15 March, a protest movement against the Syrian government began to escalate, as simultaneous demonstrations took place in major cities across Syria. Major issues included government corruption and repression.[35] The protests spread to Homs on 18 March, after online calls for a “Friday of Dignity” (Arabicجمعة الكرامة‎). Thousands of protesters took to the streets after Friday prayers. Attempting to disperse the crowds, police conducted many arrests and assaulted protesters.[36] As protests continued into April, security forces fired on demonstrators, resulting in dozens of deaths. Homs became one of the most restive cities in Syria, with some activists labeling it the “Capital of the Revolution”.[37]

Homs, Syria before the protests

Homs Syria before the Civil War

Homs Syria after the protests

Homs Syria after their Civil War

I have continued trying to find out exactly what was in that email, but I haven’t been able to do so.  I have found articles describing emails sent to President Bashar al-Assad from young very scantily clad females and also emails sent regarding the self-immolation of a young Tunisian vegetable vendor, whose cart was confiscated.  But neither one of those emails, to me, warranted the destruction of a country.

I’m sure thousands of such emails are sent to President Obama everyday.  And we have young men in this country shooting and killing schools kids every month because they don’t get their way.

And yet, those same young men and women who started the violence in Syria are the people we’re letting into our country.  I think we have reason to be cautious.

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Obama Hesitates

Yes, I think President Obama should give it some thought before bombing Syria.  It’s not that backwoods dirt poor place like Afghanistan. 

If he didn’t, that would make us no better that the guy who gassed his own peoples.

And are we prepared for the consequences? 

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