Michael Jordan Got Married

Last week I got angry, really really angry. Why you ask. Because Michael Jordan the sports icon of all sports icons got married. And YES, he married a White woman.

Ordinarily, this would not have made me angry. I would have fluffed it off as just another white gold digger marrying a rich Black man for his money.

However, I just so happen to have written a little Book, entitled Flight 404 with a Denzel Washington type character married to a white woman. When the movie ‘Flight’ came out, it seemed every Black Woman in America was up in arms because Denzel Washington was having a relationship with a White woman in the film.

So, last week when Michael Jordan married long time girl friend Yvette Prieto, I waited and waited and waited for the angry outcry from Black women around the country. But it never came. Why?

Are we saying movie stars have more influence than sports stars? Is that what you think?

Denzel Washington you might see once or twice a year in a film role, but the Michael Jordan types your husband, lover, son, brother, uncle, or father watches every weekend on TV. And every time that camera pans the audience your husband, lover, son, brother, uncle, or father sees that sports star’s white wife sitting in the audience. So don’t be fooled.

For example, let’s say, you’re going to have some of the top athletes, actors, and musicians and their wives over for a Memorial Day barbeque. Every wife at your table, except for one, will be White. Can you guess which one? The only other sister at your barbeque will be you and you’d be serving.

 Michale Jordan                     

Scottie Pippen                      

Charles Barkley

Colby Bryant                            

Tiger Woods                          

Manny Pacquaio

Alex Rodriguez                     

Ndaumukong Suh              

Jimmy Rolling

BJ Upton                                       

Ryan Howard                       


Tim Duncan                                

John Legend                        

Kanye West               

Don Cornelius (posthumously)           

Ice T                                                  

OJ Simpson

Montel Williams                        

Taye Diggs                                

Cuba Gooding

Clarence Thomas        

Even the gay NBA player Jason Collins had a white girlfriend

                                       It seems     Finances    =      White     Fiancée

And you wonder where our power and influence has gone.   And haven’t even mentioned the Senators and Congressmen who are married to White women.

Denzel Washington and Wife