Walking Dead Writers – You Made My Day

I wish to thank the writers of AMC’s series, ‘The Walking Dead.’ I’m sure it’s nothing more than a co-incidence but two episodes in particular caught my eye.

The first being Season 4’s opener, ‘30 Days Without an Accident.’ That plane on the roof top of the grocery store bore such a resemblance to the cover of my book, ‘Flight 404, that I had to do a double take.

 And then there was last night’s episode, ‘Claims.’ The scene with Rick falling asleep in the bed and waking upon hearing men moving around downstairs was straight off my blog, ‘onethreethirteen.wordpress.com’, especially the part where he climbed out the window.


I found myself coaching Rick through the scene. It was wonderful seeing the scene come to life on the screen.

Thank you so much. And it’s really good to know someone is reading my blog.

One other thing, from you guys, I learned ‘fearless writing.’

If I’d been writing the show,  before learning how very important it is to write fearlessly, I would have had the characters hiding out atop Stone Mountain surrounded by a brick wall. They would have been safe and secure, and the show would have been cancelled after Season 1.

Shaking in my seat.


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Eliza Ankum
Author of
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LOL Laughing Out Loud

Checked on STALKED! this morning.  It’s still listed with Stephen King but at least, I moved up. Thank you


Click the link to check it out.


Two things made me laugh this week.

The first thing, maybe not so funny for some, but when I thought of it in terms of my life I literally started laughing out loud (LOL).

It was news that Jesse Jackson Junior’s things were being auctioned off to pay back the $750,000.00 he inappropriately used to pay for his shopping spree.

I had to laugh because if the Feds were to auction off everything I owned, and that includes recently purchased items, I’d come up short by about $650,000.00.

They might get another twenty thousand or so by selling the car, maybe. Then throw in two years of my salary. And finally, the apartment building in which I live, even though technically, I don’t own it and maybe just maybe, if the buyer were drunk enough and therefore feeling quite generous, they might fetch a cool hundred thousand. Who am I kidding? LOL .

 Secondly, I finished book one of the series STALKED! By Voices and got it on Amazon.com. And when I Goggled the book, sure enough there it was, listed under Stephen King’s, ‘The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.’

I danced around with great personal joy, finished my day job, went home and slept like a baby. When I woke the next morning, God did one of those very very very very rare things and spoke to me. He say, “You’re listed under Stephen King because they think your life is a horror story. A well written one, but a horror story none the less.” LOL Trying to get the book moved to the Memoir section.

 But speaking of horror stories, Tuesday night I watched Brad Pitt’s movie, World War Z on Comcast On Demand. The street flight through Jerusalem street was so intense I felt like I was part of the battle.

It’s well worth watching even though I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending.

Keep laughing. Keep dreaming. Enough said.


A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth