The Chicago Mayoral Race

Rahm Emanuel and Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia


I’m going to preference this post by saying that I do not live in the city of Chicago but IN one of its western suburbs, and as such I am not eligible to vote in the upcoming mayoral election. But if I were, I’d vote for Rahm Emanuel hands down.

Yes, I know Rahm has closed 50 Chicago schools but I also know most of them were rundown and the cost of repairing them would have been astronomical. Also, some of those 50 closed schools were not being supported by their neighborhoods (as in not enough tax revenue coming in from local businesses and property taxes because there were no local business and the neighborhood had far too many abandoned homes). And some of those schools, in gang held territories had become a haven for drug dealers, crime, and were far too dangerous for those kids living in rival gang territories.

Now, for as why I wouldn’t vote for Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia, the man is OLD SCHOOL CHICAGO POLITICS. I can already tell that the deals are in the works. The Blacks, the Latinos, the Unions, and the Working Poor are all lining up to see what kind of deals they can make.

Do we really need to see another national headline about another crooked Chicago politician going to jail.

Instead of looking for one man to solve our problems perhaps a better solution would be to use Rahm Emmanuel’s rich contacts to pour money into our neighborhoods by getting them to persuade their banks to offer Small Business Loans to Blacks and Latinos so that they could generate enough revenue to keep their local schools open.

They should encourage those same rich contacts to bring their factories back from overseas and relocate them in Chicago. That equals job.

Also, there should be drastic changes made to the current Chicago School Curriculum by going back to teaching TRADES in High Schools. Remember when boys took shop and learned how to make things in wood working class or worked on repairing cars. Back then, we had sense enough to know that not everyone was going to grow up and be a Wall Street executive. And girls were taught how to shop, and not just for the latest ‘Look of the Day,’ but for food and household items. And also how to clean a house because Just learning how to use a computer is NOT ENOUGH!

Run PSAs telling our Black and Latino kids the absolute true fact that you need to stay in school, and learn something while you’re in school because :

school = jobs = MONEY.

And our Black political and religious leaders need to stop asking for handouts and start demanding jobs.

Also, we need to educate our people about how to handle the money we do have. As Black people, we have more money now than we have ever had at any point in our history in the United States, but you’d never know it because most of us are living in squalor and run down dilapidated housing because we don’t know how to use the money we have.

Another thing, we both Blacks and Latino need to stop making excuses for the violence in our neighborhoods.

And finally, if Chicago were made up of only Blacks, Latinos, and the working poor then Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia would most definitely get my vote. The only thing is that without those rich White Boys (Montgomery Ward, Sears, and Pritzkers) there’d be no Chicago.

My motto is:



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