I Thought I’d Done Something Wrong

For thousands of you, you are being stalked by someone you know.

But for many of us, myself included, we are being stalked by persons we do not know.  And people who harbor strong grudges and hate against us for nothing more than being ourselves.

Last Friday, ABC Channel 7, here in Chicago, ran a Special on Rebecca Schaeffer – this Easter weekend of family and friends would be a great time to re-watching it – who is featured in the front of my book, STALKED! By Voices.

Rebecca Schaeffer was a young, beautiful actress on her way to fame and glory.  But her life was cut short by a man she’d never met in her life.   The first day Rebecca Schaeffer met John Bardo, was the last day of her life!

John Bardo lived in Tucson, Arizona.  And Rebecca Schaeffer lived, first, in Oregon and then Los Angeles, California.  They’d never crossed paths.  John Bardo was upset over a love scene Rebecca had done in one of her movies.  So upset, so angry that he took a bus from Tucson, Arizona to Los Angles, California, tracked her to the movie studio, and then her home shooting her dead on her front door step.

I was living in New Orleans, Louisiana, having run from my home – without packing any clothing – to escape the people stalking me, when I heard of Rebecca’s death. I could not get any help from the Maywood Police because when they asked me if I knew my stalkers, I answered truthfully and said, NO.

At that time, it was a widely held belief, by the Police, everywhere, that you could not be killed by someone you didn’t know.  And because I didn’t know my stalkers I had to be lying or making it up.

I was sent to mandatory out-patient counseling where I was drugged at the end of it.   But neither the drugs nor the counseling worked, because I was being STALKED!   They had me thinking that I’d done something wrong.  And since being treated like a crazy person for telling people and The Police that I was being, stalked, I kept my mouth shut about it.

Rebecca Schaeffer’s death taught me a powerful lesson, you can be stalked and killed by people you don’t know.

Eliza D. Ankum

PS.  Sorry Chief Talley, but I knew from the fact that the Maywood Police allowed  those people to scream and holler in Maywood’s street that you and your police force were more than willing to lie to me, again.

While, yes, I was more than ready to end my stalking ordeal, I wasn’t willing to listen to you guys lying to me about it.  This time, I wasn’t a young naive girl and I was, and still am, very well aware that I hadn’t done anything to these people.

So, when a real opportunity presented itself to end the screaming and stalking, I threw myself at it.  And will, again, because it was never funny to me.  It took my life!

20/20 Special: Your Biggest Fan








Thank You To The FOP


I’m not going to be long with this post, otherwise I won’t be able to post it on Facebook.

I want to thank President and Officer Southwood for responding to my letter.


Officer Southwood I’want you and your members to know that I have had two days of PEACE.   Something that I’ve not had in the nine years, going on ten years, that I’ve lived on 11th Avenue in Maywood.

It seems that you, the FOP, have been able to do something, in a couple of days, that the local Police have not been able to do in twenty-seven years.  Find and hush the stalkers. That is remarkable!

So, in spite of the dispute between your organization and Kim Foxx, I want to say, Thank you.

However, I have no doubt, that once you leave, things will go back to the usual screaming and yelling.  But, at least, I had those two days.

Eliza D. Ankum

Stalked, Even In My Church


Unlike a lot of you, I was NOT in Church this morning.  The Village of Maywood and its Police Department has seen fit to protect the stalkers as they humiliated and harassed me. 

I have tried for well over eight years now to overlook this and keep going, but the harassment has gotten to be so extreme, about four weeks ago, that I decided never to set foot in that Church again.  






I know I will probably have to go there on some occasions – funerals, special events, and baptism, because it is my family’s Church home – but beyond that, no, never again.

And I made that decision because what has been put out, broadcasted against me, in that Church, can never be taken back.  Never.

I heard that said before, in the context of marriage.  That some things should never be said, if you want to remain married.  You should watch your tongue and what comes out of your mouth.   That was breached in that Church.

I will never be able to get pass how the Village of Maywood decided to aid and abet the stalkers in humiliating me.   It was beyond the concepts and whelm of inhumanity to a human being.  And for what?   For a moneyed sexual predator and another person’s curiosity.

But the worst of it was that they encouraged someone who was obviously already sick to become sicker.   And to to say to the people, not just in the community, but in the Church, that this was OK.   That was just to far.

And from what I can tell, none of these bright wonderful political authorities of Maywood, bothered to think their decision through to the end.   Were they stupid enough to believe that I would just let it go?    Maybe thinking like that is why Maywood, Illinois is damn near broke now?  But your sexual predator is as happy as a lark.


888 393-6646
Chicago’s Anonymous Tip Line

 708 450-4472 *67
Maywood, Illinois Tip Line

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