My Stalkers Are Still Free


Earlier this week there was a story about Marilyn Jean Hartman, a serial stowaway on planes.  A Chicago Judge William Raines finally had the good sense to sentence Ms. Hartman to jail.  I say good sense because Ms. Hartman was, eventually, going to get a plane load of people killed. 

Someone, or some organization, would eventually use the mentally ill 66 year old to smuggle an explosive device aboard a plane and kill a whole lot of people.

I use this to illustrate that by NOT putting the people stalking me in jail, the Police here are taking a grave risk with a lot of people’s lives.  This family will eventually do to another family what they’ve done to me.  But I say, that more than likely, they are partly responsible for Maywood’s and Chicago’s escalated crime rate.

I’m getting old and people are less believing of this family of stalkers lies.  So in order to get or sustain the high that they got from screaming obscenities and vulgarities at me, they’re going to have to look elsewhere.   No doubt, they’ll look for and find another young people – not just women – with a bright future ahead of them and derive pleasure by destroying it.

I started the blog, and then turned it into a book, STALKED! By Voices, to make sure that it won’t be another member of my family.

These ‘people’ and I do use the term people lightly, get off on stalking descendants of the same family.  I know for a fact that they stalked my mother.  And it’s why I cringe when I hear doctors say, ‘the patient’s family has a history of mental illness or schizophrenia.”  Mostly likely, the patient has a history of being stalked by a set of ‘people’ who have some remarkable skills which they use for their sexual gratification and to the detriment of society. And I’ve seen this.

Before I started pushing the #MeToo Movement up the hill and all those brave women started coming forth telling their stories, I thought that only here in Maywood could you be the victim of a stalker and be the one considered mentally ill.  But I don’t think that’s true anymore.

I thought that only here in Maywood, Chicago, and some of its suburbs, do they lock you – the victim – up over and over again while allowing the sexual perverts to roam free.  But I don’t think that’s true anymore, either.

I don’t think that we as a society can afford to give up on the #MeToo Movement.  It is telling us, loud and clear, that something is deeply wrong in our society and we need to take notice.

But also, let me say this.  I wholeheartedly agree with Sunny Hostin on The View about modesty.   We need more of it.  Women are just flaunting too damn much if we want to be taken seriously.  I don’t mean we have to go back to the 1950’s but we seriously need to curve the naked body thing.  I don’t want to see commercials showing you in your underwear.  I don’t want to see naked women covered in #MeToo slogans, and I don’t want to see a naked Kim Kardashian-West all over the internet.

I know some of you think it’s liberating.  In some ways, yes.  We need to know everywoman has the same equipment.  We need to get over the delusion that our bodies are different from other women.  And by flaunting our bodies, we are only feeding perversion.

So, long story short, we need to curve some of the nudity, we need to be believed when we speak up; we need the Police to do their job in apprehending the criminals, and we, as women, need to conduct ourselves with more modesty.  And as regular people are constantly telling me, ‘don’t put everything out there. And keep your bedroom windows closed.’

One of these days, when I feel that it won’t derail the #MeToo Movement, I’ll tell you what I haven’t put out there and why, with the exception of getting dressed, my bedroom windows could stay open 24/7/365 and trust me when I say that the only thing to see is me sitting on the side of the bed watching TV.

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