My Confession About The Election


I have a confession to make concerning my post, ‘Hate Is The Reason.’

I wrote that post about two weeks prior to the election.  But I knew a long long long time back that Donald Trump was going to win.  Continue reading


Do You Have Your Papers?


If I were Muslim/Arab, Hispanic (legal or illegal), Black (especially a young Black man), I would take the time and spend the money to go and get some sort of identification – driver’s license or ID card – and after 1-3-2017 start carrying it with me at ALL TIMES.  Even if you’re just a passenger in someone’s else vehicle, have it on you. Continue reading

President Elect Donald Trump


I’m hoping with my entire heart that when I wake up in the morning that this post will have been a mistake, but I doubt it.

It seems that what I said in my last post is true, Donald Trump is President Elect of the United States of America.

Now I have to honestly say this.  That Illinois (America) you must have been out of f..king mind if you thought you could let a woman and her female children stand in your streets screaming obscenities for 25 or more years and then elect a woman as President.

How stupid can you be?  Did you think God what not listening?

And now all of America knows what I’ve known for some time – having had to be the blunt of all that screaming and obscenity – that there is a LOT OF HATRED out there.  And a lot of disrespect for women.

Oh, and one last thing.  If I were you, I’d dial that Thanksgiving and Christmas celebration back a notch and put that money in a safe place.  You’re going to need it.  I was poor for a long long long long time because of The Stalkers.

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