Too Painful and Deeply Personal


In today’s post, I’m going to do something that normally, I work very hard not to do.  And that is, to write a post when I’m angry and take personal issue with a celebrity. Continue reading


My Anger

Chaff in the Wind

My Anger

My anger gives me Voice

My anger serves a purpose

My anger gives me Purpose

a Reason for being

Without my anger I am nothing

People don’t see ME!

Without my anger, I chaff caught in the wind

I float by you unseen and unnoticed

My anger make ME VISIBLE!!!!


Being no stranger to dealing with angry people, STALKED! By Voices, I started asking The Voices why they and so many others are so angry ALL OF THE TIME when there are so many reasons why we should be grateful and happy for what we have.  Above is what The Voices said about being angry.

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth






Ariel Castro Commits Suicide

While it’s been a very busy week at work, and The Voices/Stalkers have been doing their best to distract me from finishing the layout and proofing of STALKED! By Voices before it’s submitted to, it did not escape my attention that Ariel Castro, who held 3 women against their wills for ten years, committed suicide in jail after serving less than ten months.  Enough said.

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!


A Tiny Kitten With A Big MOuth



Stranger Danger

While I applaud ABC Chicago Channel 7 News report on Stranger Danger here’s what they left out and you need to know as a parent. The single most asked question in any abduction is, “Why did they get into the car?”

Most sexual predators will stalk your child first. What they’ll do is get to know when and where your child goes to school and stake out a safe spot along their route where they can intercept the child. They’ll position themselves at this spot and ‘busy’ themselves doing something or will keep their back to the child so that the child does not notice them at first. They’ll do this a few times and then let the child or ‘prey’ see their face. After a couple of weeks with the child seeing them at the same spot, they’ll wave or talk to the child. Now, that Stranger is no longer a STRANGER.

The next time the child sees this ‘familiar stranger’, it’ll be in a different spot, say the Mall or at the Movies. Now, he’s even more familiar. He might even strike up a casual conversation and do absolutely nothing else. The child feels safe with this familiar stranger.

So, on a cold or rainy evening, when the child is walking home and that familiar stranger pulls up and offers them a ride. What do you think will happen?

If you want to take your child out of play, tell him or her to take a picture of any suspicious person who has suddenly appeared along their usual route and has struck up a conversation with them. If the child doesn’t want to tell you about this new person because you’ll make a fuss over nothing, have him or her to email the picture to a friend. That way, someone will know what this person looks like.

Excerpts below are from ‘Stalked! By Voices’

A Tiny Kitten With A Big Mouth

The Devil Made Me Do It!

I am often amused by people’s description of the devil (or d evil). If you were to ask most people to give a description of what they think the devil looks like, they’d say that he is red all over, covered with scales, and has a horn sticking out each side of his head.

Let’s face it, if the Devil actually looked like that, more people would stay away from him and a lot of us would have avoided most of the troubles we’ve found ourselves in over the years..

However, the Bible does NOT describe the Devil as looking anything like that what most people think. The Bible describes a beautiful creature adorned with every precious jewel. Ezekiel 28:13-15

So why are we so surprised by the fact that these three guys ‘looked normal’. Perhaps a bit down on their luck, but normal for the neighborhood in which they lived. If they had looked anything, on the outside, like the evil hiding inside, they would have been locked away years ago.

The fact that sexual predators and stalkers ‘look normal’ is what makes them so hard to catch. And believe it or not, they practice looking normal.

“Police, along with officials of the Children and Family Services department, visited the house in January 2004 to following up on a report that Castro, a former bus driver for the Cleveland public schools, had left a child on a bus while he ate lunch.

Police say they investigated that incident, but felt there was no criminal wrong-doing and the matter was dropped.

“He was interviewed extensively due to that investigation,” deputy Cleveland police chief Ed Tomba told reporters at a news conference Tuesday.” Excerpt from Yahoo News article

They (the sexual predator) comes into your home, sits on your furniture, smiles in your face, works at a decent jobs or has retired from one, goes to your church and all the while that evil is inside them.    And worse of all, they will blame you for the evil that they do. 

With Ariel Castro, 52, and brothers Pedro, 54, and Onil Castro, 50 in custody and awaiting charges, authorities have come under scrutiny for how they missed clues that Berry and two other young women were being kept as prisoners in the rundown home in the city’s west side neighborhood.

 Years ago, I’d heard how paraphilias are some of the hardest psychoses to cure. And sexual predators don’t stop until they are forced to stop! After being stalked by one or more than thirty years, I can tell you that is the absolute truth. Those women would have been in that house another ten years if Amanda hadn’t had the courage to do what she did.

Back when I was a young woman, in 1976, I’m sure the Police never would have imagined that The Voices/Stalkers would still, in 2013, be actively stalking me.

But just as these girls were held for twenty years, as was JC Dugard, stalking is another one of those sexual predator crimes that, if not stopped, will go on for years and years.

I am both happy and jealous for Amanda Barry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus because their ordeal is over. But for me, it will be another day another night of avoiding being harassed, molested, assaulted or captured.

I was once stopped by a nice Policeman and he asked me what I had been doing that was more important than keeping my license plate sticker up-to-date. My answer to him and to you was, “trying to stay alive. What have you been doing? Because you sure haven’t been helping me [with that].”

Congrats to those young ladies for staying alive.

Berry, whom police called a hero for breaking out of the house Monday and summoning help, had disappeared in 2003. Michelle Knight went missing in 2002, when she was 20. Gina DeJesus, then 14, was reported missing in 2004.